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Step into Our Kinky Playground Paddlez n Chainz

Are you curious about BDSM? Why Not Come join us? For an evening of Kink, Sex and Fun @ our Weekly BDSM Event.

Novices more than welcome and encouraged,these are Sexually Kinky Fetish Nights!

Paddlez n Chainz is a Party where everyone is welcome regardless of their sexual desires, gender or orientation.

It blends people from the kinky, poly,swinger and fetish communities.

Dress up in Fetish Attire, Tie someone up, Spank them, and actually f@%k in our purpose Built Den of Iniquity.

Cinch up your corsets, Slip on those Leather pants, Slide into that latex and Dont Forget to bring your Naughty Toy Bag, for an Evening of all types of Kinky Adult Fun.

Enjoy whatever level of consensual adult intimacy you would like explore in a Safe, Clean,Secure Establishment.

These events are Suitable for Beginners or Intermediate Players, maybe even Hard Core BDSM'ers



When is the party?

The 3rd Thursday of Each Month Starts at 10pm and Ends by 3am



Where is the party Hosted?

OP4FUN's Premier upscale Adult Lifestyle Venue. With individual Playrooms and Hyper Friendly Social Areas.

Paddlez n Chainz is Held in a purpose Built Adult Playground





Play areas and Dungeon Equipment ?

There are multiple play areas depending on your preference for individual or group play. Play rooms each include Hygiene matresses, Hand Wipes, Paper Towel and Soap Dispensers for your convenience .

There are Multiple Attachment Points Rope Bondage, Various Dungeon Equipment and Restraint areas



How much does it cost?

BDSM Membership is Free ----------

10.00 per/person

OP4F * Member Single Females Free

{Age Verification Security / Your Photo ID is required First Visit}

Your door Fee includes FULL ACCESS to the club and all its amenities Including Play rooms, Dungeon Equipment,

If you are interested in visiting the Club on other nights and events please visit the Ourplace4fun website for Membership Information.



Do I have to be Kinky or Play?

No, you can come to socialize and just watch.



Subscribe for Announcements

Stay informed of the upcoming events and specials. We will not publish, share, or sell your contact information with anyone. This is used STRICTLY to stay in touch with you on exciting ongoings. You can unsubscribe anytime.


What are the rules of conduct ?

{Age Verification Security / Approved Photo ID is required First Visit (Driving Licences or Passports or Citizens card) }

We welcome you to join us for an evening of Kink,Fetish play and Sex . As this party blends people from different circles, with different desires for their evenings experience we have established a set of rules designed to help everyone to have an enjoyable time. As these may be different from other parties you attend please do take a moment to read them.


* Dress code: Fetish Attire is Preferred, No Tattered or Dirty Clothes, No Hood or Sports Wear allowed

* Minimum Accepted Dress is All Black

* Absolutely No Anal Play, Blood, Urine, Vomit, Scat, Punching, Kicking, or Breathing Control Games are Permitted. Any sign of these actions will be grounds for immediately ending a Playscene. Deliberate disregard for this rule will be grounds for expulsion.

* You will Respect the Space and treat it as if it were your own. Disrespecting the space is grounds for expulsion.

* You will respect the , Security and Club Staff and abide by their instructions.

* Remember the basic rules of Safe, Sane and Consensual we Strongly recommend the Use of a “safeword” Please do not misuse or abuse your Chosen Safewords .

*Always Use common sense safety practices.

* Absolutely No drugs allowed on the premises.

* No audio or video recording devices are allowed.

* Mobile phones may only be used Outside or in the Cloakroom. This includes texting .

Please also silence your Mobile phone and place it in the Lockers , you are not permitted to carry your Moble phone within the club even if it is switched off

Failure to follow this rule will result in your Mobile phone being confiscated which will be returned upon your departure.

* Please limit your PlayScenario on Equipment or within Play zones as to allow time for others to use the play areas, suspension points and dungeon Equipment.

Multiple PlayScenario in the same night are perfectly acceptable, given you are taking breaks and moving around the space.

Extended Scenario are acceptable as long as no one is waiting for that play area.

* Clean up after yourself by wiping down the Equipment/play area with the provided cleaning supplies. It is also advisable that you clean Equipment etc before your play.

* Do not move any Equipment without approval.

* Do not touch another person or their property without their permission.

* At least one barrier protection is strongly suggested when body fluids are present.

* Do not interrupt Scenario. If you have health or safety concerns, immediately notify a Staff Member

* ‘No’ means NO. Aggressive Stalking will not be tolerated. If you feel someone is bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable, please let the Host or a Staff Member know asap.

* Wax Play is only Permitted in Designated Safe Areas please see Staff

* While play is also allowed in the playbed rooms, please keep the Scenario simple.

*The Operators of the Venue and any of its Operators on the night reserve the Right to Refuse Entry to Anyone as and when they see fit to do so.

*The Toilets in the Venue are Strictly Controlled, The Operators Rules are If youv'e got a "Penis" you Must use the Male Toilets . Any person with a Penis found using a Ladies Toilet is grounds for expulsion from the venue No Excuses . On entering the Private Party Venue and paying the Door Fee you agree to be immediately Bound to Adhere to the Venue Operators Rules.

*Finally whilst we accept that you find Other's Play Scenario Disturbing Perverse or perhaps Humiliating, or just Not in your Interest.

Please Keep your Comments Judgements to yourself, discussing Attendees Practices, or voicing your Opinion in any form of Judgement will see you Removed Immediately from the Venue with no NO WARNINGS given.




Some of Our Venue Equipment





TEXT ONLY : (UK) (+44)07986 303885
CALLS evenings ONLY: (UK) (+44)07906 903262

Event Promoters, Workshop Themes, or Individuals who can Contribute/Barter/Negotiate Skills or Promotions

please Contact us





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